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About Me

    "Bring your stories to life and capture the moments that matter most"


Know a Little More
About Me

I’m the kind of person that enjoys coffee dates and taking pictures. I look forward to visiting the beach every summer and sitting at the beach watching the sunset with my husband and children. I love to take photos of everything, especially with my kids. Recently someone asked me “What is it about capturing life’s precious moments that makes you happy?” and I replied, “It makes me feel like I have a piece of them forever. 


I like to think that when my children are grown, they will look back at the photos we took together and remember all of their childhood moments.”


You see, it’s not just about taking pictures of our kids as they grow up into adults; it’s about capturing those little moments that make each day special.


The feeling of capturing life’s moments and being able to look back at them years from now is priceless. I’ve heard it said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” I believe that every time we open up an old photo album and see our children at different stages of their lives, it brings tears to our eyes as we remember the stories behind each picture. And this is why I love photography; it helps me to capture those moments in time and treasure them forever.


Now let's begin capturing your special moments!

  • What types of projects do you usually do?
    The projects that customers ask for most are family photos, photos of children, graduations and newborns, but whatever you need, I'm here to record your moments of happiness.
  • What is your photography style?
    I'm a photographer with a passion for happy times, and I style photos that capture that.
  • How do you define yourself as a photographer?
    A woman in love with life, who seeks to record people's emotional moments and hopes that her work will bring happiness to her clients.
  • How can I book my session?
    Hey, don't worry, it's too easy! Just go to my contact page and fill in the form with your contact info and what you need.
  • Where can my session be held?
    The location of the photo shoot is arranged after scheduling our appointment, in which we talk to find out everything you need and I'll answer all your questions so that you have a photoshoot you've always dreamed of.
  • Do I have to wear any specific clothing depending on the type of photoshoot?
    You just need to feel happy and confident, that's what makes amazing photos, happiness and good natural light create amazing moments. Specic clothings are optional.
  • How do you choose my best photos to include in my gallery?
    I choose the photos taking into account what you mentioned in our appointment the emotion this moment has for you and the second thing is what I feel like seeing the representation of that moment and what I perceive of you in it.
  • How many photos will I get after my session?
    Depends on the package you choose, as each style of photo shoot has its specific value, for example, the value of a wedding project is different from that of a newborn photo shoot.
  • How will my images be delivered?
    When your gallery is done I will send you a detailed email with instructions on how to download, save and print it if needed. Your email will also have a link to your own personal gallery. From there you can see all your images.
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